I design smooth digital products.


I design digital products & the systems necessary to realize them.

Today, I'm a member of Consensys's design team. 1↗︎ Seperately, I'm running R&D on a generative design language for planetary-scale computing 2↗︎ and organizing the Prototype Web Residency 3↗︎




Domino helps freelancers find work through their friends. Chris and I co-founded the company, a referral-driven job marketplace to solve most freelancers' biggest problem: finding good, consistent work.

While 64% of freelancers we spoke to said it was their biggest problem, 77% said their best projects came through referrals. This insight led us to see if we could solve the former with the latter: improving the reach and quality of referrals to improve freelance job distribution.

Like most startups, my responsibilities were broad: market research & analysis, strategy, product management, product design & development and community creation.

The case study below focuses on our research process, hypothesis testing & the development of our product strategy.

Fast Track

UI · UX · Front End

A lightweight time tracker that creates an invoice in one click. Fast Track emphasised speed and simplicity to encourage people to improve their time tracking and invoice (cashflow) management - two often neglected, yet enormously important habits for a successful freelance career.

Chris & I built and released Fast Track in two weeks. While he focused on the backend, I dived into the wireframes, facilitated feedback on an interactive prototype & then we worked together on the implementation.

Ambient Product Design

Research & Development

A low level design language to help you design compassionate digital products. It seeks to create awareness of the influences behind our product decisions, encourage participatory design and account for emergent behavior.

APD will be published through a mix of essays, illustrations, & prototypes. It includes a low level conceptual framework alongside a practical, modular toolset you can use to apply its ideas. Some of APD's core influences include modularity, systems literacy, extended cognition, conceptual blends, liminality, non-rigid architectures, spatial processing and emergence.

My research notes and process are open source & available on Are.na at the link below.



An open source peer-to-peer video streaming app using the DAT protocol. Due to platform politics and the costs of centralized content delivery, P2P streaming has the potential to provide a superior experience to both creators & consumers.

Wanting to get more hands on in open source software, I discovered this project and got to work: conducting competitor research, mapping out the overall user experience and designing the UI based on the product's initial roadmap.

I enjoy designing products & systems that transform ambiguity into tangibility.