The opposite of the specialist is not the generalist, but the Liminist.

Where the generalist picks the low hanging fruit of knowledge, the Liminist operates within the liminal interzones between them.

It is very much its own specialization, but where all other domains specialize in Form, the Liminist specializes in Non-Form.

The evidence of their work exists at the intersections.
These intersections have their own space, presence, time and tangibility. They are the shadow zone.

A talented Liminist is a master translator, able to communicate and comprehend across domains. A master weaver, able to take individual strands across different domains and pattern them together. A master diplomat that manages the egos of others after destroying His or Her own. A master guide, overseeing others as they journey across the intersecting liminal planes of knowledge.

They are comfortable operating in ambiguity, which is their playground.