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An introductory paragraph

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My Biggest Project

My Role

Building a company requires diverse skills and rewards you with broad experience. In presenting this project first - the startup I co-founded - I hope to set myself apart in the reader's eyes: a designer that understands the bigger picture, is comfortable operating across it, and understands the commercial context within which a company operates.

A Smaller Project

My Role

In contrasting the complex project above with the simpler one here, I can assure the reader that I can work fast to design & deliver a focused digital product.

A Research Project

My Role

After two projects showing my process, this next project seeks to show the reader my critical thinking & analytical skills & my interest in contributing - in a very small way - to the practice of desiging digital products.

An Open Source Project

My Role

Finally, this project is shared to express my interest in contributing to the open source movement, that I take my self-directed personal development seriously, and I'm curious about emerging technologies.

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